When to start learning Tkinter?

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    I'm teaching myself Python 3.3.2 on a Debian 7.1 system. My resources are the free online book How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, the official Python tutorial and whatever help I can get from more experienced programmers publicly or through email.

    I'm getting the idea that my Python scripts will be kind of useless unless I learn either PyGtk or Tkinter. I can learn PyGtk for Linux use in Python 2.7.x, but my system doesn't seem to provide it for 3.x, while it does provide Tkinter for 3.x, so I'm going to focus on learning Tkinter.

    My question is how advanced I need to be in learning Python itself before I start learning Tkinter. Should I be progressing through Tkinter at the same time as I progress through Python, or should I leave learning Tkinter until after I've become a reasonably proficient Python programmer?

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