Please help with json.

  • Hi, Support?
    Help, what is a json? (I have learnt it is a Java script "thingy") can't understand what that has to do with Python but how do I create a json? and what do I do with it once it is created. For instance could someone please explain setting up the json for PhotoAlbum.tingapp please.

  • Core team

    Hi meldrew!

    A JSON file is a file containing structured data. That just means that it's designed to be read/written by humans and machines. In the case of PhotoAlbum.tingapp it means making a file inside the app with this contents:

        "foldersList": ["/home/pi/Pictures/"],
        "extsList": ["jpg", "png"]

    and saving it with the filename settings.json.

    JSON has a particular syntax, and you have to get all the ", {, [ etc in the right places! You can paste it into this website and click 'Validate JSON' to check your syntax if you're not sure when you're editing it.

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