Tingbot OS on ethernet?

  • Hello there, Is there a way to use ethernet on RPI? At the beginning, when I tried to connect, it did not obtain an IP. Later, I accessed the "interfaces" file to add the ethernet interface with DHCP. It never obtained any IP, even then. When I tried little tweaks on the "dhcpcd.conf" file, it obtained the static IP which I set up but could not update once the tdprocessd was executed. Anybody with solutions? Thank you in advance.

  • Core team

    We've been using Tingbot with Ethernet with any modifications to the OS. I've never seen it fail to get an IP over DHCP, maybe it just needs to be plugged in before booting?

  • I've always tried booting only after plugging in the RJ45 cable. It still waits for a wlan connection to be established!

  • Core team

    Hmm. What version of Raspberry Pi are you using?

  • RPI 2 Model B

  • Core team

    Have you tried unplugging the Wifi to force connection over Ethernet?

  • Thank you so much for the reply. I got it work off the ethernet but the springboard still seems to be affiliated with the wlan. I still can't run springboard.

  • Core team

    What do you mean you can't run springboard? Springboard is the app that runs when your Tingbot boots.

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