Exiting Apps

  • Hi - not sure if I'm being really dim but I can't seem to exit apps using the buttons. I've tested the buttons and they seem to work with other apps, but I have to run more apps to navigate Tingbot apps I have saved. I've also kept the casing off and checked and re-checked the wires.

    I confirmed this by loading up a terminal and I can't exit with the two middle buttons and have to remove power. Is there a set up app or documentation I missed when going through setup?

    Am I missing something?


  • Core team

    Hi @rufflemuffin! It's possible that your buttons are not wired up correctly - perhaps you could check all combos of buttons to see if that makes the current app exit? You should be pressing two buttons at the same time. If you're installing Tingbot OS by flashing the SD card in the normal way there's nothing extra that you should need to do for this to work. Let me know how you get on! Joe

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