Variable @every

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to have a variable loop @every?

    I would like to do something like this:

    intervalposition = 1
    def main():
        #do stuff

    And then I can change the intervalposition when a button is pressed.

    Or will I have to do some wait in the main()?

    using seconds=intervals[intervalposition] works on startup, but it does not change when the value get changed during runtime.

    // EDIT
    I used a time.sleep(intervals[intervalposition]) at the end of the loop, but that simply makes the whole program wait, so the buttons don't react. :'(

    Thank you.

  • Core team

    Hey @vampie!

    It's possible! Here's what I would do:

    import time
    intervalposition = 1
    intervals = [0,1,3,5,10,20,30,60]
    last_action_time = 0
    def action():
        # here is your action code!
    def main():
        action_interval = intervals[intervalposition]
        next_action_fire_time = last_action_time + action_interval
        if time.time() > next_action_fire_time:
            last_action_time = time.time()

    So here you're running the main() function all the time, but it is checking if it's the right time to call action(), which is where your code will go. Since action_interval is being checked continuously, you can change your interval position and it'll react immediately.

  • Thanks Joerick.

    I indeed figured something out like that.

    But it would be cool if we could change the interval of an @every ;)

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