Tingbot as .. A 3d printer control board

  • It's not a made project at this point, just an idea, but I think that tingbot's form factor would be perfect to control a 3d printer!

    I think this could be done as a tide application, even if it need to embed some non python tool (like octopi) but I really think that would filled nicely the job!
    The only "bad point" is that the Pi does not allow to insert SD card, but at least we can use USB keys.

    I think I will try to make such an app that will allow either to direct control a 3d printer, and play gcode files! (with optional network remote control)

    Is there is anyone that would be interested in such an app?

  • Yes indeed. Or indeed a very lightweight html browser to view an octopi.local page? There is already quite a bit of work done to integrate octopi with small-form tfts (OctoPiPanel, TouchUI plugin etc).

    I've already loaded octopi behind the springboard and have my prusa hooked in. No issues thus far. Just need to spend time figuring out a link.

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