Tingbot with EmulationStation and RetroPie

  • I cant find any text in the /etc/rc.local file at the "Launching fbcp during boot" step. There's nothing in that file and I too have a white screen upon reboot. Not sure if I can SSH back into it and somehow add that file?

  • I was able to somehow edit the rc.local file and add /usr/local/bin/fbcp & but I too get a white screen and can't do anything like A-999 said. @xtramural

  • still no answer? i payed for a product that doesn't even work properly.... please hurry with a solution.

  • @DJAbsyss Are you having the same issues as @A-999 and I?

  • Hey there,

    same problem here. White Screen after Reboot. Pls help
    Greets Tio

  • Core team

    @TIO @BeauSSS @A-999 Apologies for the lack of response. I'll take a look into this and try and come up with a workaround.

  • Core team

    I suspect the culprit(s) to be the update/upgrade process borking the Jessie Lite (Tingbot) image. Hopefully, this can be resolved.

  • @xtramural Hey thanks for the response. No hurry, okay? I know you guys are a small team, so if you need us to test anything let us know. I'm not experienced at coding, but can follow step by step instructions like your thread here. I just think Retropie would be sweet on the tingbot!

  • @xtramural I have the same issue here, why dont you provide the drivers for the LCD and the button, that should fix the issue, no ?

  • HEY! TINGBOT guys! Nice, you sell a product and then forget all about support.... :thumbsdown_tone2:

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