Tasty apps roundup!

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    The best thing about launching Tingbot has been seeing what you've all been up to. We've been blown away with all the apps that have been made, and really enjoyed putting them up on the Ocean.

    Here's a quick round-up of some great apps I've seen so far.

    Adventure time Giphy

    Max Glenister (@omgmog)

    This was the first app to make it into the ocean from our community, and it made me so happy! It's a perfect example of what Tingbot apps can be, too - cleverly pulling images from the web, tons of personality, and all in only 20 lines of code. Great job, Max!

    :floppy_disk: Download




    Whistlemaster has been a one-man app development machine over the past month - although he did cheat a bit - he's been developing on his home-made Tingbot prototype months before we shipped! All the apps are great, but the functionality of this one is really interesting.

    Here at Tingbot HQ, our supported way to get apps onto Tingbot is to download them from ocean.tingbot.com, and then upload using Tide. That gives you the chance to check out the code and have a look at how it works, but it's also pretty cumbersome.

    If you just want to try out a load of apps, check this out. You can install it on your Tingbot, then browse all the apps on the Ocean using the buttons, and run one by just tapping the screen.

    :floppy_disk: Download

    It's Nice That

    Ben, with a little help from me! (Tingbot Team)


    I like this app, mostly because the imagery on the It's Nice That site is consistently beautiful. My only complaint is that it's always distracting me with pretty things!

    :floppy_disk: Download

    Game of Life


    The Game of Life is a very simple simulation made by mathematician John Conway - the world is a large grid of pixels, that can be either 'on' or 'off', and each frame of the simulation evolves by deciding for each pixel what should happen based on how many surrounding pixels are turned on. The result - chaos. But, if you look closely, you can notice that some patterns emerge - some of the pixels settle into patterns that are stable. Some of those patterns can move across the world. Some patterns can produce other patterns themselves.

    Now you can gaze into this peculiar world! The app has a number of interesting presets, or you can just draw a shape and see what happens. My favourite is just to set it to Random, and see what turns up.

    The app runs super-smooth thanks to some numpy optimisations. Check it out!

    :floppy_disk: Download



    This app has two modes - a countdown, and a stopwatch. In countdown, you can punch in a time and it'll count down to zero (great for the perfect boiled egg!). It can also be a stopwatch - with lap times functionality.

    It's simple, pretty and functional. Great app!

    :floppy_disk: Download

    This is only the tip of the iceberg, check out the Ocean to see more great apps that our community has made on Tingbot.

    Thanks to everyone for submitting apps, and if you're working on an app, please submit it to the Ocean once it's ready.


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