Coding issues??

  • Hello,
    I'm not able to run my code while publishing it on the main page, it only runs on preview, I haven't been able to figure out what's going on, I wrote the following code in the "Site Code section":

    import wixData from 'wix-data';

    $w.onReady(function () {
    .then((num) => {
    var numberOfItems = new String(num);
    $w("#conteo").text = numberOfItems.valueOf();
    .catch((error) => {
    let errorMsg = error.message;
    let code = error.code;



    What am I supposed to do in order to run it in the main website???
    I tried searching from Covoco but I couldn't find anything about it ! Is it possible to transfer money to other accounts? I will be greatful if you point me in the right direction.

    Any help wll be appreciated.
    Thank you

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