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  • RE: How to run Tingbot-os on Raspbian.

    Hi legoland

    Normally we recommend using one of the pre-made images disk.img, which is Raspbian Jessie underneath. (these are available here

    However if you'd like to install Tingbot OS on an existing Raspbian install, it may be possible. We lock to a specific version of libsdl because of a bug that appeared in later versions. That version of SDL is here: . Download and dpkg -i that, and it should resolve the above error.

    Cheers! Joe

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  • RE: Python 3?

    I think Python 3 is available on the Tingbot, but it's not supported :/ By default everything is run using Python 2, so the Python 3 environment will be pretty bare. You could try it by:

    • naming the main file main instead of
    • making sure that file is executable,
    • adding a 'shebang' line as the first line, specifying python 3 #!/usr/bin/python3.

    However, like I say there won't be any packages in there, so you'd have to SSH into the bot and install things like Pygame for Python (which may require a compile)... it might be a lot of work!

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  • RE: Sounds?

    @Chris Joe's updated Tingbot OS and Tide for USB sound device support :)

    You'll need to update Tide to v0.5.5 and Tingbot OS to v1.2.3

    Docs can be found here:

    Let us know how you get on!

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  • RE: Sounds?

    Thanks for that @Chris, confirms that we need to sort out the audio device selection.

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  • RE: Sounds?

    Hi Chris, while it's not supported by our libraries, yes I think it's possible, it's supported by pygame which is available under the hood.

    Add a wav file to the project (I used air_raid.wav), and use this program.

    import tingbot
    from tingbot import *
    import pygame
    air_raid_sound = pygame.mixer.Sound('air_raid.wav')
    def p():
    def loop():
        screen.text('Press the left button!')

    I think USB audio devices are selected as soon as they are plugged in, so this should work as expected on the Tingbot.

    Quick note - the bundled version of Pygame on the Mac doesn't support audio, so you'll have to test this on the Tingbot.

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  • RE: Application sort order

    Currently the order is undefined, so we're just showing them in the order that Linux gives them to us. I think it would be nice for them to be in date order, so the last updated one is first, but that's not been implemented yet! :)

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  • RE: Assigning state['volume'] = mute

    Re: font size, if you're comfortable with the developer console in Tide (Window>Toggle Developer Tools), you can increase it by pasting this command into the console there:

    document.getElementById('editor').style.fontSize = '16px'

    but yes I definitely need to add an option for that!

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  • RE: Assigning state['volume'] = mute

    Yep, if you're using the mute global variable you need to put global mute inside the function where it's set, so in your case it should be in the on_touch function.

    This annoying error is why we recommend that the state dict is used instead for app memory. So I'd suggest setting state['mute'] instead of mute.

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  • RE: Assigning state['volume'] = mute

    Hi Gernot, could you post the whole program? I don't think there's enough code here to tell!

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  • RE: Guitar Midi interface

    Hey Romein

    That was more a concept than a real app - though it would be possible to build that app using a Midi over IP python library, such as mido.


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